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Real world examples of lame passwords

One of the recent Windows worms/virus contains a list of passwords, once it gets onto a machine, it tries them to see if it can get priviledged access, and then goes to town.

Link to Cert advisory CA-2003-08

Here are the actual passwords in the attack.

[NULL] 0 000000 00000000 007 1 110 111 111111 11111111 12 121212 123 123123 1234 12345 123456 1234567 12345678 123456789 1234qwer 123abc 123asd 123qwe 2002 2003 2600 54321 654321 88888888 Admin Internet Login Password a aaa abc abc123 abcd admin admin123 administrator alpha asdf computer database enable foobar god godblessyou home ihavenopass login love mypass mypass123 mypc mypc123 oracle owner pass passwd password pat patrick pc pw pw123 pwd qwer root secret server sex super sybase temp temp123 test test123 win xp xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yxcv zxcv

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