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Bad things

  • Republican Former Senator Rick Santorum
  • I though we won on this issue more than a decade ago. But it never seems to die. Government Access to Keys (GAK), aka Clipper.
  • The RIAA
  • The DMCA law (Digital Millenium Copyright Act)
  • The Patriot Act
  • A Design in Time, Janet L. Haley's interior design company
  • Janet L.Haley's "Exclusive Designs for You"
  • Perhaps B & J Paving of Fairfax, VA. So far, we are unhappy with their work. Maybe they can fix it.
  • Cornerstone Design of Falls Church. We had them do a modest sized remodeling job, and loved their work. So we gave them a much bigger remodeling job, and they did a very poor job. Its not clear if the company is still in business, they closed their showroom, and have lost nearly all of their key tradesmen and craftsmen. We do not recommend them.
  • The neo-Prohibition movement of MADD and the insurance cabal. We tried Prohibition of alcohol before, we know it failed for lack of public support, why are they trying to sneak it back? For an admittedly biased look at the idiotic 0.08 BAC legal driving issue.
  • "copy protection" for digital media. Here is a nice, short writeup about why this is bad on many levels. Here is a recent article on a new DRM system,
  • The war on a bad, Islamic dicatorship that uses Oil money to fund global terrorism that is not aimed at equally repressive, non-democratic, and corrupt Saudi goverment. I guess we like some dictators more than others.
  • The scary parallel between the media induced anti-Arab mania and the US' sad treatment of our Japanese-American citizens during World War II.
  • The deliberate abuse of the Constitution being done daily by John Ashcroft and his Justice Department. Trial by jury? nope, you don't get one. Fair treatment of citizens? nope. Right to a lawyer? nope. Public statement of what a person is being charged with? nope. Secret police that would make Stalin proud? getting there....
  • That John Ashcroft left and was replaced by someone who thinks torture is justified. I really didn't think that John could be topped, but I was wrong.
  • That Bush and Cheney think that torture is acceptable
  • That Bush kept believing it until 90 Senators showed him that he was wrong.
  • Bush telling NSA to spy on citizens in this country.
  • Faith Based initiatives
  • Identity Theft
  • Idiotic banks that encourage identity theft.
  • The sheep-like acceptance of "RealID" unfunded mandate. RealID will provide very little real security at a serious cost to privacy. This is very bad. Good folks are fighting it, even though it is already law. Eforts to fix it include:
    1. Bruce Schneier analysis of RealID
    2. a site that talks about the bill passed 100-0 by our Senators.
    3. The ACLU fight against it, and the Patriot Act
  • The FBI's blatant attempt at grabbing power in the name of anti-terrorist "security".
  • Microsoft's near-criminal indifference to security of their products. Code-Red and all the outlook virus problems are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • The media's lack of coverage of Microsoft's near-criminal indifference to security of their products
  • The conservative government's gross bigotry and distruction of the concept of being "conservative" in proposing to amend the US Constitution to enforce discrimination, something we got rid of when we banned slavery.
  • The word "crisis" as used to describe the demographic problems with our Social Security System. The problem is not a crisis, it is real, and would be lots easier to fix now than when the numbers change, but it is hardly a crisis.
  • The Republican's Social Security "crisis" solution has nothing to do with fixing the problem, it won't address any of the problems. They just want to create "private accounts" under the excuse of the crisis.
  • The destruction of a great programming language, Java, by people who should know better, Sun. They pushed and pushed EBJ, an idiotic idea in search of a solution. A nice summary is from Bruce Eckel
    The backlash from heavyweight web frameworks has been significant. We now know that EJB 1 and 2 were based on an entirely flawed set of use cases. Because of the damage this (still slowly dawning) realization has wrought to Sun's reputation, it's hard to know whether EJB3, which probably should have been called something else to disassociate it with the failures of its predecessors, will succeed, despite the fact that EJB3 is like a breath of fresh air.


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